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Did you know…

Just 13 minutes of daily meditation can help boost your mood, attention span, memory, and lower anxiety.

Body and Mind A balanced approach to mental health

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About Body & Mind

At Body & Mind, we believe in integrating mindfulness deeply.

We know that downloading an app (you’ll probably never use) won’t create the kind of changes that matter. That’s why our focus has always been on the multiple benefits that come from combining evidence-based mindfulness practices with ongoing psychological support. Since 2019, our programs have helped thousands across Australia. 

Always evolving and looking for better ways to deliver our services, our recent partnership with the #1 mindfulness app, Calm, is an Australian first and just another way we’re standing out from the crowd. 

Services and programs

What We Do

Designed to build long-lasting change, all our programs include access to evidence-based mental health practices, a variety of support and contact options plus the world’s premier mindfulness platform, Calm.


Veteran’s Program

Make the transition to civilian life easier with our exclusive wellness program for Australian Veterans and ex-ADF members. Enjoy weekly check-ins with one of our psychologists, connect with like-minded humans through our digital community, and develop daily mindfulness practice through access to Calm, the world’s #1 mindfulness app and more.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Support the wellbeing of your employees and create a mentally thriving workplace through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Includes access to confidential, telehealth or onsite counselling sessions for employees and their family members, as well as daily mindfulness practices via our mental health partners, Calm.

Psychology Services

Psychology Services

Overcome the demands of day-to-day life and develop a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions through our telehealth and onsite counselling services. Receive evidence-based therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and benefit from daily mindfulness practices with access to Calm, the world #1 app for sleep and meditation.

Body & Mind

New on the Blog

  • 6 Tips for Better Sleep
    Getting quality sleep is the cornerstone of quality well-being, but trying to get a solid night’s rest for many of us can be a big challenge. Discover 6 science-backed tips for falling asleep (and staying asleep!) in this blog post and accompanying video with psychologist Jessica.
  • Mindfulness To Stay Calm & Stop Hustling
    Our society’s obsession with hustling and emphasis on constant activity and busyness is hugely affecting our mental health and relationships. It’s time to stay no to hustling! Find out how to reconnect with what really matters with these four mindful techniques.
  • Goal-Setting for Mental Health
    Tired of traditional goal-setting methods? Learn why New Year’s resolutions and old-school goal-setting techniques often fall short and explore a refreshing perspective on creating lasting change through mindfulness. Learn how to adapt SMART goals, embrace your true desired feelings, and leverage mindfulness for lasting success.
Telehealth and Face to Face programs

Telehealth and Face to Face Psychology Services

When life already feels busy enough, the last thing you want is to find more time to travel to a wellness appointment. That’s why all our programs include access to telehealth services either online or over the phone. Whether you’re a Veteran dealing with PTSD, an employee struggling with work-life balance or you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, you can connect with one of our experienced, confidential and caring psychologists from the comfort of your own home and make the journey to mental wellness one step easier.


What our clients are saying about Body & Mind’s Programs

Feeling more Alive

I’ve been in other mindfulness programs and learnt the strategies but had forgotten to utilise them. With this program not only have I learnt new strategies but remembered the old ones, and with the telephone conference with a psychologist, I am now heading to a better place and feeling more alive than I have in along time.

Nathan G.

Enormous Value

The program has provided the tools necessary to reframe the turbulence and pressures faced in my life. Family, service life, minimal ‘self care’ time and self-driven high performance expectations were slowly killing me and any chance of contentment. I’ve found the yoga, daily mindfulness audio clips and weekly 15-min chats with a psychologist to be of enormous value.

Brett D.

Amazing tools to help with mental load

I love how all the programs are online and allow me to do whatever class I feel like, at whatever time suits me and my family. Having all of these amazing tools to help with the mental load of (what we all endure) everyday, has been needed and a great help.

Katherine B

Helps Me Feel Safe

The mindfulness programs and the fact that I can access a personal psychologist has helped me immensely. Having the call each week and to be able to have more if I need it has helped me to feel safe. I’m thankful that I have access to it and highly recommend it to all.

Warrick H.

Peace of Mind

Having a psychologist contact me weekly, sometimes twice a week has been a godsend. Especially in tough times when I’ve not been able to get in to see someone face to face, I’ve had peace of mind that I will get a call from my psychologist. The benefits are unmeasurable.

Angela O.